Cross Flow Media

Cross flow media has been developed for specific treatment objectives.  Unlike conventional modular sheet media, no flat sheets are used in the fabrication of the modules. In Cross flow medium, each sheet is corrugated at a 60° angle and assembled in a cross-corrugated pattern with adjacent sheets. This configuration provides continuous and uniform horizontal redistribution of both air and water throughout the full depth of the medium. The result is greatly increased contact time between the wastewater and medium biofilm, as well as increase liquid film diffusion.

 Vertical Flow Media

Water is allowed to trickle down the media (wetpads) whilst dry outside air is drawn across the pads producing air that is cool and fresh/ The unique cross-corrugated design of the media/wetpads allows a very high surface area of water to come into contact with an equally high surface area of air, allowing for a very high evaporation rate.

Product: Cross Flow Media & Vertical Flow Media
Application: Waste Water Treatment Plants and Sewage Water Treatment Plants
Dimensions: 1200 x 300 x 300 – Custom sizes available on request
Surface Area: Black PVC/Grey ABS for high temperature applications
  • 100m²/m³
Special notes: Supplied in block or sheet form. TB12,19,27 Combo block is also available for an increased surface area